N-Fil3D – Your ONE STOP – 3D SHOP

We are the one-stop solution for all your 3D Printing needs ranging from 3D printers, scanners to consumables like Filaments and resins.

3D Printer Filaments (Worldwide)

We, Nahata Polybiotic LLP, are the India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of 3D printer filaments. We cater to the world from our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in India. We started as an exporter of premium grade 3D Printer Filaments and an OEM manufacturer for an Indian company in the year 2018/2019. Now, we have launched the ‘Premium Export Quality’ in India under our own brand ‘N-Fil3D’. Our presence world-wide is on the rise. Our filament quality and after-sales service exceeds expectations. We are proud to provide ‘Made in India’ filaments to you.

3D Printers (Only India)

We are the official distributors for various brands in India. We aim at bringing the latest 3D Printing technology from the World to India.  We aim at not just selling the 3D printer to you but also to make it’s usage as comfortable and super easy for you as we can. We provide full support to our customers on usage along with best-in-class after sales support. Try us to know it.

3D Scanners (Only India)

If you need a 3D Scanner, we have the best with hassle-free operation.

3D Resin (Only India)

Get the best quality of resin for SLA/ DLP and LCD printers at reasonable price.

3D Spare Parts and Accessories (Only India)

It becomes essential for us to provide all the relevant replacements, spares and accessories to you in order to truly be a ONE STOP – 3D SHOP.

How we make N-Fil3D Filament Reliable

Pure Raw Materials

You get silky smooth printing, with perfect layer-to-layer adhesion. Which means absolute part strength.Perfect layer adhesion, fine detail and smooth finishes, creating strong long lasting and usable prints.

No Fillers, Ever

No contaminants & no crumbly prints. Just vibrant pigments. Get consistent results; excellent layer adhesion, no blobbing and no washed out colours with our High Strength filaments.


Complete Quality Control

We test your 3D filaments on In-House FDM printers with strict quality measures. We believe excellent production requires regular testing. So we can guarantee satisfaction.

Unmatched Customer Experience

Unrivaled capacity enabling fast, affordable and reliable delivery on Best in Industry prices with value added services along with After sales support makes our Customer experience Unmatched.


Absolute extrusion consistency

Unbeaten diameter tolerances of just + / – 0.02mm. This means no variances in finish quality. We achieve benchmark uniformity in diameter in all our filaments ranges.


Protector Kit Included

A ‘My Protector Kit’ is provided to improve your storage which includes Air-Tight pouch and Anti-Moisture Desiccants. A special air-dry technique used to eliminate moisture from our products.


Superior & Specially Compounded

Nfil3d Filaments are specially compounded with additives to make it superior. With additives, Nfil3d PLA filaments have significantly higher strength than regular PLA filaments.


30 Years of Experience

Our product developers possess 30 years of Experience in Plastic raw materials and additive making Nfil3d leader in industry of 3D Printing.

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