3D Printer Enclosure | Easy to Install & Remove | Size: Small

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Product Specification:

1. Quick and easy installation: foldable storage, easy to carry, versatile observation, reserved tool bags. Economical 3D printing space.
2. Constant Temperature: Keep the printing environment at a constant temperature, reduce the impact of printing products at low temperatures and improve pressure stability.
3. Dust-proof and good noise reduction: The interior is made of pure aluminum film and flame-retardant material.
Technically it melts in a fire and does not ignite. It does not spread.
4. Sturdy structure: equipped with a choice of iron tubes, a stable structure and plenty of space.

Product Parameters:

  • Storage size: 445 x 565 x 685 cm.
  • Plot size: 495 x 615 x 735
  • Iron tube diameter: 16 mm.
  • Packing Size:69 x 516 x 11cm
  • G.W.:2.76kg
  • N.W.:2.45kg

Compatible Models:

  • Ender-3
  • Ender-3S
  • Ender-3Pro
  • Ender-3 V2
  • CP-01
  • Ender-2
  • CR-100