CR 10 V3

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  • Dual-port cooling fan extruder: Every heat-dissipated and cooled down immediately, reducing plugging and poor-spillage which ensures models with high quality.
  • Titan Direct Drive: More precise to control the feed-in filament, great at printing even soft and flexible filaments.
  • TMC2208 Motherboard: Upgraded ultra-silent motherboard
  • Resume Printing Function: Recover from potential print failures before they happen
  • Filament Sensor: It automatically pauses the print when it runs out of filament
  • 24V Branded Power Supply: Solid 350W branded power supply pairs with thermally efficient bed heater. It allows for rapid bed heating upto 100℃
  • Dual Z Axis and Brand New UI
  • Print Size: 300mm * 300mm * 400mm
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Weight 14.5 kg
Dimensions 62.5 × 53.5 × 27 cm

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