N1 – The Workhorse – FDM 3D Printer

24,999.00 Free Shipping - Only India

* First Made in India FDM 3D Printer
* Budget- Friendly
* Sturdy Gantry
* Direct Drive Extruder
* Compatible with PLA, PETG and HIPS
* Fast Print Speed of 120mm/s
* Print Flexible Filament with Ease
* Working Mode: Online or SD card offline
* Filament Diameter: 1.75mm



Product Description

With in depth Knowledge of material performance, we have designed 3D Printers based on educational, professional and indusrial needs. An impeccable after-sales service with in- stock spare parts make it a go -to trusted 3D Printer brand. The Nfil3D N1 3D Printer is one of the best FDM printers, desired for its performance, versatility and sustainability. Despite of being a budget friendly FDM 3D Printer it comes with a loads of features which you will normally find in high-end 3D printers.