User Manual


MaterialColourNozzle TemperatureBed Temperature
(If available)
PLAPolar White198oC
(You may vary it by + 10oC) 
(You may vary it by + 10oC) 
PLAMetallic Series204oC
(You may vary it by + 10oC) 
(You may vary it by + 10oC) 
PLAClear Series195oC
(You may vary it by + 10oC) 
(You may vary it by + 10oC) 
PLAOther Colours196oC
(You may vary it by + 10oC) 
(You may vary it by + 10oC) 
ABSAll Colours230oC
(You may vary it by + 10oC) 
(You may vary it by + 10oC) 
HIPSAll Colours220oC
(You may vary it by + 10oC) 
(You may vary it by + 10oC) 

Kindly note that the perfect way to fine tune the print settings is by printing a Temperature Tower with the N-fil3D filament on your printer. The temperature tower shall provide you with the perfect settings to run your filament for your specific printer. You can download the STL file from the link below and follow the instructions mentioned alongwith.

<Insert link for temp tower>


           >> PLA – Kindly contact us to know the values or wait and watch this space later

           >> ABS – Kindly contact us to know the values or wait and watch this space later

>> HIPS – Kindly contact us to know the values or wait and watch this space later


This small device can protect your 3D printer from a very common issue with filaments in an open environment – dusty filaments.


We are enclosing a filament filter with every N-fil3D. The 3D printed Universal Filament Filter is a casing that contains sponge inside it in order to stop any kind of dust on the surface of the filament from entering the hot-end. It will clean the filament and eliminate the possibility of clogging (or at least reducing it by a great margin).


Plastic melts well enough, but dust motes and the occasional grain of salt may become stuck in the extruder. Especially since the nozzle is so much narrower than the extruder itself (0.3-0.4 mm vs. 1.75 mm).

That means that, over time, enough grime can accumulate in the extruder and the filament could have trouble passing through it.

Needless to say, it can be really annoying for a print to be ruined just because filament stops coming out of the nozzle in the middle of the hours- or days-long process.

Admittedly, some of the newer 3D printers can resume a print, but even then, the resulting defect might not be easy to mask.


Just put the pre-assembled Filament Filter anywhere between the N-fil3D spool and Hot-end. Pass the filament through the filter (as shown in the image) into the hot-end before loading the filament. You are set to print!


We are providing you with two 5 grams sachets of colour changing premium desiccants. These are not ordinary desiccants. These desiccants literally do their job and let you know the efficiency of it upfront too.

When you receive the filaments, kindly store the desiccants from the vacuum pouch safely in the ‘MY PROTECTOR KIT’ provided along the filament.

These orange-coloured desiccants change their colour from orange to green when they absorb moisture.

If the desiccant is orange: It means you can reuse the desiccant as it is to absorb more moisture and keep the filament moisture-free when in storage.

If the desiccant is green: It means that desiccant has absorbed moisture to it’s full capacity. We need to recharge the desiccants now. To recharge it, take the desiccants and preheat it in oven or microwave to get rid of the moisture in it. Kindly dry it until all the granules turn back to orange. Now you can use it again to keep the N-fil3D filament dry.

Further, the desiccant sachet doesn’t shred any fibre on the filament and is food-safe too.

<image of dry indicator level of cilicant>


Along with every N-fil3D filament, we are providing a ‘My Protector Kit’ to help you store it easily post usage.

Kindly put the two orange coloured desiccants (received in the vacuum pouch) in the ‘My Protector Kit’. Post usage of the N-fil3D filament, kindly put it in kit and seal it. Store it anywhere you like, it is now safe!

At any time, if you find the desiccants turn green, kindly recharge the desiccants by following the steps mentioned in Point No. 5.


Our spool has a unique design. The spool has hexagon cuts which allows for better visibility of filament. Below is a guide which shall let you know the quantity of filament remaining on the spool.

<Images of level of filament left in Metre and Kgs>

Further, it allows you to wind the filament hassle-free anywhere. When you have used up the filament and wish to store it, insert the filament into any hexagon hole nearby maintaining the tension. You need not go all the way up to find the hole, thus much easier to use.

<Images of filament with our spool against any other spool>


We are providing you N-fil3D filament in premium packaging. The specially designed box provides you with various benefits:

Easy Storage: When storing the empty boxes, you can simply fold it and store it easily. It takes up much less space and can fit into any drawer as well. Let’s save space!

Reusable: You can reuse it for yourself as well. We are also enclosing two blank stickers with the box to hide our branding. You can stick these stickers over our logo on top and over the barcode.

On the stickers, you can give your own branding or write the mailing address or write down the use for the box, as you please.

This means that along with our N-fil3D filament you are now getting an extra box for your use and not just any packaging for throw-away. This helps us to reduce garbage and re-use!